"Freedom For Business Owners"
What would it mean to you if you could get all of your employees functioning as an effective team and functioning at a high level as individuals and, in general, getting things done consistently right by system, rather than by fighting fires and fixing mistakes?
If you know you could achieve more, build the business you’ve always wanted, take a vacation and actually forget about work, and have a less stressful and more enjoyable home life, if only everybody else around you could be counted on more, this 60 minute video could be life changing for YOU!
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Isn’t that why you became a business owner in the first place? Of course it is. But... 
I know, I was there. As a business owner I know, all too well, that far too often the business seems to control you rather than you controlling it.

And freedom?... That’s what I wanted, but I was never ever really free. IT was always there - The Business - the problems, the headaches, the employees, wondering what I’m going to need to “deal with” next. The business that was supposed to set me free had done the opposite.

Why is that? Why does every business owner have the same problems? Too many hours, too many problems - too often working on mundane, menial tasks rather than on the important - the things that lead to real growth, more profits, and the business you’ve always wanted.

Here are some sad facts about business owners.
  • 70% report that they don’t have enough time for their children
  • 82% check their email while on vacation
  • 95% work more hours than a normal job
  • 60% report being on the verge of a serious nervous breakdown
  • 80% say they have a hard time juggling business and life
  • 72% are ready to quit
  • 62% end the day with neck pain, headache or have trouble sleeping

What if you could get everyone working together, going in the same direction and taking responsibility?

What if you didn’t have to take care of all of those problems? What if you didn’t have to spend time on mundane, menial, everyday tasks and could work on the important? When you can do that you’ll not only have a better, more profitable business; but you’ll have a less stressful, more productive life outside of work.

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"You will take TOTAL control of your business 
when you create systems to control your business.
But who has time to create all of those systems?"
I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard that systems are critical to creating highly productive teams. You may have even read Michael Gerber’s, The E-Myth Revisited... it’s all about systems... so why haven’t you created all of the systems you need to control your business?

The answer is easy, and the same for every distributor: Creating all of the systems you need is a giant, incredibly difficult job... but FOR YOU IT’S NOT - IN FACT, IT IS DONE FOR YOU.

I own a wholesale distribution business. The business was started in 1970. I became the owner in the 80’s, and by the 90’s I was bitching and moaning about employees in those get togethers with other business owners. But that all changed when I took the time and effort to create all of the systems I needed to take complete and total control of my business - and I want to give you all of those systems.

You’ll discover exactly how you can quickly and easily 
implement what I give you in your business.
Finally, you’ll have the control and freedom you’ve dreamed of.

About ten years ago, I went on a three-week cruise to the Mediterranean. I told the operations manager what cruise line I was on, the name of the ship and said if you need to contact me, you'll have to find me. For about 20 years now, I've never gotten a phone call while I was on vacation. I knew I wasn't going to get a phone call so I didn't need to give her any more information. 

Would you dare do that?

A few years ago I ran into a tree while skiing. I had a helmet on but still suffered a level 4 concussion. I was basically out of commission for 4 months. I did really stupid things and in fact signed away my legal rights to make business decisions. When I came back 4 months’ later things were running just fine and had actually improved.   

What Would Happen to Your Business 
if You Suddenly Left for 4 Months?
In my business in the last 12 months we delivered 46,432 orders to 8,645 clients. Every one of those clients gets this message from me many times throughout the years, “If we ever let you down please call 800-426-5708 right away so we can make it right, and if you’re still not happy call me right away on my direct line at 253-859-7310 so I can make it right.”
Here’s the kicker - I’m lonely... like the Old Maytag Repairman. I only get about one call, every other month from a client we’ve let down.

In this video, you’ll discover exactly how to set exceptional standards and create the uncompromising systems you need to ensure that your entire team is going in the same direction.   

Can ONE decision 
Of course it can, starting your business did. The decision to watch my FREE VIDEO NOW, just may change your life permanently. One thing is for sure, the decision to skip it will leave you where you are now. That may be just fine but, what if?...

The video is 75 minutes so get a beverage, lock the door, get a pad and pen, get to a computer in a quiet place and click below.

If 75 minutes is too big of an investment
to achieve total and complete freedom
in your business and personal life 
you should not watch this video
It’ll be up to you what you do, or choose not to do, afterward. You can laugh it off, and forget it. I won’t pursue you. No salesman will ever call you. . There’s no cost, no obligation.

But... if I make sense to you in this Video it just may prove to be the “Life-Changing Story You Tell” of how you finally got CONTROL AND FREEDOM.  

Just think, “Is there really any limit to what you can achieve if you can get your employees functioning as an effective team, functioning at a high level as individuals, and getting things done consistently right by system; rather than by fighting fires and fixing mistakes?” I’m betting on you.

I’m betting you can create the business you’ve always dreamed of, take that vacation, forget about work, and come back to a business running better than when you left. 

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